I tailor my workout plans and meal programs (for males or females) according to the client’s current diet (need to know what they’re eating), their age, weight, height, current workout regime and condition, their goals, their current situation, and how they want to look. The meal plans consist of 5 to 6 meals a day and I will create it according to what they have been eating, what they NEED to be eating in order to achieve their goals, their food preferences (what they like and dislike) and if they have any food allergies.  The meals are laid out along with the times to eat (every 2.5 to 3 hours).  I will mix up their training program with lots of cardio, weights and some plyometrics.  Training programs can be based either in-home or at the gym depending on you.  They can also be based on certain body parts you want to develop or target the most.  I would love so much to help you out with this! They are going for a flat fee of $50.00 each right now and that includes unlimited questions from clients answered via email and weekly photo updates and weigh-ins that clients will send via email.  These are weekly updates done once a week so I can follow up on my clients and check their progress in case any changes need to be made in a program/plan.  I am fully committed to my clients and their needs and goals.  So a flat fee of $50.00 for a meal plan, $50.00 for a training program, or $100.00 for both as a package specifically tailored to you.  As soon as I receive payment, I send clients’ a form to fill out with their info so I can design the program(s) based off of that, tailored just for them.  The purpose of this form is to get the client’s exact details of what they have been doing (exercise), their current condition (body shape), and what they have been consuming.  All of my programs are emailed and clients can be anywhere in the world for me to work with them, male or female.  That is the beauty of online training and coaching!



Meal Plan




I simply send programs via email to clients that are SPECIFICALLY designed to them.  These programs have taken me a great deal of time as no client’s program is the same since everyone is completely different.  When clients have questions, they have full access to my facebook fan page inbox or my email.  They can contact me either way.  This can include questions about your diet, training programs, health, how to do exercises, or absolutely anything else.